My life became a record and my body became the needle. I was pressed down onto the record every day and the same music was expected to play out of me. One day my needle broke as I was on my way to a job.

     An individual ran a stop sign and rolled my van several times causing serious injury. It was then I realized the company I once represented simply just replaces the needle...The wonderful commercials never change. The logo and company colors stay the same. The one thing that did change were the faces that worked for the company. Needles, some strong and some weak, all eventually broke and were replaced.

     To virtually eliminate any and all competition and monopolize the industry, major insurance companies partnered with National auto glass companies forming what is commonly referred to as a "Network." This keen idea was derived to eliminate small business and ultimately create profit sharing amongst the insurance and the national auto glass companies. 

     When I created Bond Auto Glass I wanted to give back to the people rather than profit share by joining a network. I chose to offer better pay and benefits to my staff. Advanced training and state-of-the-art software to make sure every part we order is specific to your VIN number on your vehicle. Our needle is stronger than ever and this time there's no person, no shareholder, no insurance company telling us to put Profits over People!

     Mikel Slaman-